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The BRCA 10th Off-Road Section are pleased to announce the Calendar for the 2024 season.

The BRCA Nationals have earned a reputation for being a very competitive series with the friendliest and most welcoming atmosphere you will find.  This is a series of events, open to drivers of all abilities, that offers the opportunity to race against and learn from some of the country’s best drivers.

Racing will be run over two days;  With 2 Wheel Drive on the Saturday and 4WD on the Sunday. 

Race Calendar:

  • Round 1 – 13th + 14th April 2024 @ Robin Hood Raceway
  • Round 2 – 18th + 19th May 2024 @ Herts
  • Round 3 – 8th + 9th June 2024 @ Stotfold
  • Round 4 – 29th + 30th June 2024 @ Bury Metro
  • Round 5 – 27th + 28th July 2024 @ Torch
  • Round 6 – 17th + 18th August 2024 @ Boughton

How To Enter: 

There will be a window for those holding F Gradings F1/F2N/F2/F3 to book in first, then a window for F4/5 to follow. Payment will be taken at the point of booking for F1/F2N/F2/F3, and the others, payment will be taken at point of an entry being confirmed.

This is fully in line with the rules of ‘Entry to National Series’, a copy of which can be found here

The booking in process will open 1st Feb 2024.
- F1/F2N/F2/F3 will be able to book in between 0900am 1st Feb – 1700pm 21st Feb and full payment will be required at the time of booking.
- F4/F5 will be able to book in between 0900am 24thFeb – 1700pm 1st March. Payment will not be taken at the time of booking, but at the point you are offered a space.

If you are unsure of your current F Grading, please contact your regional rep asap.

16 and under discounts will be automatically applied at checkout based on your user account. So please ensure you are logged into the correct account when entering the events below. Refunds will not be given for this mistake.

Conditions of Entry Please Read Carefully!

Entries will only be accepted on the official BRCA Website Entry System.

Please note that the following are NOT acceptable:-

  • Entries without the appropriate fees:- These will be totally disregarded.
  • This includes any driver, who for whatever reason has not renewed their licence and is not included on the BRCA membership register by the 1st. March 2024.
  • Refunds will not be given for any Confirmed Entries that are cancelled, other than for exceptional circumstances.
  • A full refund will be given, if all events entered are cancelled within four weeks of Closing date.
  • Reserves not gaining an entry(s) will be refunded in Sept.

Be aware that :- Digital images may be taken by a third party that may be used to promote the Sport or Events.

Confirmation of entry for all events will be emailed en-bloc by 9th. March 2024

Additional Points To Note:

Entries received by ‘Closing date’, will be awarded places at each event as detailed Rule 5.4 (Min. 4 events per. Class has precedence over less than 4 events). Those not successful in gaining a place at an event will be placed on the National Reserve List. Order of places on the National Reserve List at each event will follow the procedure as detailed in Rule 5.4. Entries having the same priority (licence grade) will be awarded in order of date received.

Entries received after the 1st. March 2024, will be deemed as LATE ENTRIES and added to the National Reserve List after any ‘in time’ Reserve entries. Late entries will be awarded places in the order of date received.

Control Tyres:

The 2024 National Championship permits only one type of tyre for the rear axle at each event.
Compound and quantity used is not restricted.  Front tyres are a free choice.

The permitted REAR tyre for 2024 BRCA Off-Road National Championship events is :-

  • All National events – Schumacher Mezzo.
  • Junior & Veterans Finals – Schumacher Mezzo.
  • Formula Championships –Schumacher Mezzo.